English Hill

My Family’s English Hill Story

Back in 2001 when I began my real estate career, my wife Emily taught first grade at Sunrise Elementary on English Hill.  On several occasions, I would visit her after school and we would walk around the neighborhood together.  What a beautiful place we thought, beautiful homes, wonderful landscaping and all the trees!  Perhaps the best part of English Hill was the sense of community and pride of ownership that was so obvious.  It just seemed like the best possible place to raise a family. 

Fast forward 15 years and three daughters, we lived in Bothell and I was referred to a couple who wanted to sell their home on 174th Ave NE, just up from Sunrise.  We couldn’t believe it, we literally remembered this specific house, the one with the dormers and the green hedge!

The owners raised their family in the home and were excited to find out that we wanted to do the same.  Today, we are so happy to say that we live in the house with the dormers and the green hedge on English Hill.  We are so grateful, there is no place we would rather be.    

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