Blair Mus Group

All successful businesses have core principles that provide the foundation for their operation. The core principles of BMG’s business are enthusiasm, empathy, and communication.

blair mus photoWe feel strongly that an enthusiastic approach to anything one does is absolutely vital to success. We apply this principle to our business practices. Longtime client Mark Shapiro may have said it best, “Blair was so enthusiastic while negotiating on our behalf, it was as if he was selling his own home.” Bottom line, we take our client’s satisfaction personally. Knowing that their expectations have been exceeded is how we judge our success. We are honored to be trusted by those that we serve and we work to justify their trust with great enthusiasm.

Equally as important to enthusiasm is empathy. Too many real estate brokers approach their business transactionally. They go from one client to the next without recognizing that every client’s situation is unique. We do not sell houses, we help people sell their homes. There is a distinct difference in these two statements. Empathy is the key to truly understanding each client’s unique circumstances. Only when this is done can it be assured that clients are receiving the service that they absolutely deserve.

The third pillar of BMG’s business is first class communication. When most people hear the word “communicate” they think of speaking. We do our best to associate the idea of communicating with listening. A very wise person once said that “true wisdom is gained through silence.” It is our mission to listen to our clients and to taylor their experience buying and or selling their home around their goals. This does not mean that we are not willing to guide and offer counsel. To the contrary, it means providing our guidance and opinion in a way that aligns with a client’s specific goals and aspirations. This can only be done when our client’s needs and wants are heard, and yours will be.

Thank you so very much for all of your help in our home buying process. You made the tough parts so much easier due to your diligence, responsiveness, and great communication. And to top it off, you're just an overall fun guy! Like we've said before, we will recommend you without hesitation to all of our friends, we absolutely love our home. Thank you!

Matt and Jennifer, Seattle WA